Oliver Messiaen

Jan Hage - organist

The year 2008 will be celebrating Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) birth year, one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. Messiaen composed not only organ works but also extensive repertoir for orchestra, piano, chambermusic and opera. His works are strongly coloured by his faith which resulted in very personal, modern and colourful music. In his orchestra- and organmusic he extensively used new soundcombinations often based on bird songs. From 1931 to his death he was organist of the Sainte-Trinité in Paris. In 1989 he made acquaintance with the Van den Heuvel-orgel at Sainte-Eustache and considered it the ulimate example for his musical languange.

Jan Hage (1964) studied with Kees van Eersel, Jan Welmers at the Utrecht conservatorium, Muziekwetenschap at the Royal University of Utrecht en Churchmusic at the Nederlands Instituut voor Kerkmuziek. He recieved several prizes and a phd in Muziekwetenschap. Futhers studies were done with André Isoir in France. He won several competition prizes were he excelled in modern en temporary repertoir.

In dedication of the Prof. Dr. G. van der Leeuw-foundation Jan Hage recorderd this Messiaen-CD an the Van den Heuvel-Orgel (80IVP) of the Nieuwe Kerk, Katwijk aan Zee. The colourful stops of this in 1983 constructed organ can be heard in the well known compositions of "L'Ascension" (1934, Quatre méditations symphoniques pour orgue) and "Les Corps Glorieux" (1939, Sept visions brèves de la Vie des ressuscités).

   L'Ascension (1934)
   Quarte méditations symphoniques pour orgue
1 Majesté du Christ demandant sa gloire à son Père
2 Alléluias sereins d'une âme qui désire le ciel
3 Transports de joie d'une âme devant la gloire du Christ qui est la seinne
4 Prière du Christ montant vers son père

   Les Gorps Glorieux (1939)
   Sept visions brèves de la Vie de ressuscités
5 Subtilité des Corps Glorieux
6 Les Eaux de la Grâce
7 L'Ange aux Parfums
8 Combat de la Mort et de la Vie
9 Force et Agilité de Corps Glorieux
10 Joie et Clarté des Corps Glorieux
11 Le Mystère de la Sainte Trinité

total time 67:07

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