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Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam (2017)

The central hall of the Stedelijk Museum of Schiedam was formerly used by the Waalse Gemeente. The building was also known as Gasthuiskerk because it was part of the Sint Jacobsgasthuis.

In 1773 organ builder Hess constructed an organ for the church. It was inaugurated on 9 September 1773. The organ was played by Joachim Hess, organist of Gouda, and Mister Hagen jr.

Recently we restored the organ which was in unplayable condition. Consultant during the works was Arjen Leistra, city organist of Schiedam and also organist of the Grote Kerk of Schiedam. The restoration works included the two large wedge bellows, cracked wind trunks, optimization of the wind supply, metal and wooden pipes as well as the action. The voicing was only corrected where needed. Also a humidifier was installed.

Weitere Informationen

  • Standort: Schiedam
  • Arbeit: Restauratie
  • Disposition:

    Manual C-e3: Prestant 8' Bass/Treble, Bourdon 16' B/T, Fluit Travers 8' MC, Holpijp 8', Octaaf 4', Fluit 4', Quintprestant 3' B/T, Superoctaaf 2', Flageolet 1' B/T, Cornet IV MC, Mixtuur II-III B/T, Trompet 8' B/T

    Pedal C-b0: Bourdon 16' (borrowed, always on)

    Pedal permanently coupled to manual.

    Compount stops:

    Mixtuur II-III
    C c1
    2 4
    1 1/3 2 2/3
    Cornet IV
    3 1/5
    2 2/3

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