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For some time now we are working on the new organ for Ouderkerk aan den IJssel. The organcases are assembled and we are working onthe interiour. Here the organ will be completely playable when ready.

ouderkerk montagehal front 300x395

More picture you can find here.

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Van Vulpen organ relocated to Guildford http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/258-van-vulpen-orgel-geplaatst-in-guildford-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/258-van-vulpen-orgel-geplaatst-in-guildford-en.html

front201x300This beautiful organ was crafted by Van Vulpen of Utrecht in 1980 for the the zorgcentrum “Open Vensters” in Ameide. The organ case in solid oak is rich in detail. Since the organ is hardly used anymore, it was offered for sale. A new home was found in the Royal Grammar School of Guildford.

On monday January 9th the organ was transported from Dordrecht to Guildford and all part were unloaded into the music room. The next day the organ was assembled and the pipes were placed on the wind chest, the voicing checked and all pipes tuned.

Manual 1: Holpijp 8', Prestant 4', Mixtuur II-III
Manual 2: Holpijp 8' (borrowed), Fluit 4', Prestant 2'
Pedal: Sordun 16'

Manual shove coupler and two pedal couplers



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Orchestra, choir and organ of the Danish Radio http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/252-orkest-koor-en-orgel-van-de-deens-radio-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/252-orkest-koor-en-orgel-van-de-deens-radio-en.html

Hear the orchestra, choir and organ (J.L. van den Heuvel Orgelbouw, 91/IVP, 2009) of the Danish Radio in Gabriel Fauré's Requiem (1887-90) led by Ivor Bolton.

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Restored organ Scherpenisse completed http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/243-scherpenisse-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/243-scherpenisse-en.html

The Mart Vermeulen organ (1907) of the Reformed Church in Scherpenisse was restored in 2016. The restoration was carriedout as a preservative one. Both the organ case and all internal parts are cleaned and where necessary treated against woodworm. The technical restoration included re-leathering of the double folding bellow, replacing the telescope slider seals with 'Liegelinds' rings, placing the wind motor in a new enclosure, restoring the pipe work and re-racking the pipes on the windchests. Wires and leather nuts of the key action where, when necessary, renewed. The keydesk and stopknobs re-blackened. New oak walkboards were mounted behind the windchests. The irregularities in the voicing were corrected.

Work on the organ case as well as the painting of the rear and side walls was done by volunteers.

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Visite au cœur de l'orgue du Victoria Hall avec Diego Innocenzi http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/249-visite-au-coeur-de-l-orgue-du-victoria-hall-avec-diego-innocenzi-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/249-visite-au-coeur-de-l-orgue-du-victoria-hall-avec-diego-innocenzi-en.html

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Pels organ Dendermonde renovated http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/246-pels-orgel-dendermonde-gerenoveerd-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/246-pels-orgel-dendermonde-gerenoveerd-en.html

In 2016 the renovation works on the Pels organ (33/IIIP) in Dendermonde (Belgium) were completed. Besides a complete re-voicing including recomposition of the mixtures and rescaling of some stops the unreliable electric action was renewed. Also the ergonomics of the console were improved and new keyboards, pedal contacts, stopjambs and draw knobs, swells, pistons, displays, combination system and midi recorder were installed.

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Marco den Toom organist at Katwijk aan Zee http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/238-marco-den-toom-nieuwe-organist-katwijk-aan-zee-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/238-marco-den-toom-nieuwe-organist-katwijk-aan-zee-en.html

From the first of january 2017 the talented musician Marco den Toom will be the new organist at the Van den Heuvel organ of the Nieuwe Kerk at Katwijk aan Zee.

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Le Grand Orgue de Saint-Eustache http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/240-le-grand-orgue-de-saint-eustache-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/240-le-grand-orgue-de-saint-eustache-en.html

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