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The assembly works started on monday September 2nd.


week 1:
week 2:
week 3:
week 4:


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Dismantling organ Lunteren http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/305-demontage-orgel-lunteren-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/305-demontage-orgel-lunteren-en.html

The dismantling of the organ started on 17 June. Construction of the organ in the Church will start on 2 September.


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Nunspeet organ dismantled. http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/302-nunspeet-organ-dismantled.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/302-nunspeet-organ-dismantled.html

On 6 and 7 May the Van Dam-organ of the Dorpskerk in Nunspeet was dismantled and all parts were transported to the Dordrecht workshop. The restoration work and the construction of the additions are in full swing.


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Progress in the assembly hall http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/298-voortgang-in-de-montage-hal-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/298-voortgang-in-de-montage-hal-en.html

The organ for the Hersteld Hervormede Church of Lunteren get its shape in our assembly hall. View more pictures here.


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H.J. Vierdag organ for sale (14/IIP, 1981) - SOLD http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/294-h-j-vierdag-orgel-te-koop-14-iip-1982-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/294-h-j-vierdag-orgel-te-koop-14-iip-1982-en.html

Voorburg - Opstandingskerk

 voorburg01  voorburg02

This instrument possess 14 stops divided over 2 manual keyboards and pedal. The beautifully designed case was made of oak. The inauguration of the organ took place in 1982. In 2015 the reformed congegation moved to another church and this building was almost no longer used. Since 2018 the owners of the building are looking for another destination. Due to this the pipe organ has to be removed.

Download de brochure.

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Rugpositief Opheusden http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/291-rugwerk-opheusden-geplaatst-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/291-rugwerk-opheusden-geplaatst-en.html

The new Rugpositief counting ten stops is placed. Currently final voicing and tuning is in progress.

Pictures of the assembly in the church:

More pictures can be found here.

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Carvings Ouderkerk aan den IJssel completed http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/288-snijwerk-ouderkerk-compleet-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/288-snijwerk-ouderkerk-compleet-en.html

Click on the picture to open te gallery:


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Rugpositief for Gereformeerde Gemeente, Opheusden http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/280-rugpositief-voor-gereformeerde-gemeente-van-opheusden-en.html http://vandenheuvel-orgelbouw.nl/en/home/11-news/280-rugpositief-voor-gereformeerde-gemeente-van-opheusden-en.html

In 2016 the Gereformeerde Gemeente of Opheusden build a new church with seating for 1.700 people. The existing Van den Heuvel organ (2002, 29IIP) was relocated to the new church. The pedal was enlarged by an Quintbas 10 2/3' with open pipes of mahogany. The enlargement with a Rugpositief was prepared for: an new 3 manual console was made and also the Rugpositief case was crafted. At the end of 2017 the church could commission the actual Rugpositief after recieving a subtiantal gift. The new Rugpositief will consist of 10 speaking stops. Deliviery is expected in the summer of 2018.

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