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Inauguration organ Lunteren

The organ was inaugurated on 27 november. Organist Ben van Oosten played the dedication recital on 29 november.

balk rechts 170x500

Nunspeet pedaal case

Behind the organ a seperate case for the large pedal stops is made. The case is already partly erected and the firsts pipes have taken their place.

montagehal01 500x375

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Nunspeet works

Behind the organ a seperate case will be constructed which houses newly made Prestant 16 of wood, the Octaaf 8 and the new Bazuin 16 constructed with full length wooden resonators. The existing pedal wind chest will be used for the remaing pedal stops.

Pictures of the crafting of the new Prestant 16 pipes and the Bazuin 16 resonators.
View the embedded image gallery online at: