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Bakker & Timmenga organ for sale

wommels01 250x286In 1904 the Dutch organ builder Bakker & Timmenga built this beautiful organ for the Reformed church of Wommels (NL).

The organ was enlarged in 1916 and in 1951 the organ was restored by Bakker and Timmenga. In 1971 the organ was restored by Fonteijn and Gaal. The church is closed since 2014 and the historic Jacobi Church is at the moment the only church of the Protestant Church in Wommels.

The organ is almost entirely in original condition. It is a stylish and characteristic instrument of a very high quality. The sound can be described as beautiful and authentic.

The price is certainly interesting for a motivated buyer: we are pleased to inform you. For the Protestant Church of Wommels it is very important that this beautiful, distinctive and valuable organ will get a good ‘second life’, preferably in a church and a congregation that will use the organ frequently.

Of course, the organ must skillfully dismantled and relocated. Van den Heuvel Orgelbouw has much experience in this field and signed an exclusive contract with the church wardens of Wommels to find a good destination for the organ and to arrange the transfer. Dismantling, repair and restoration work as well as the re-installation and further completion of the historic organ, etc. will also be conducted by J.L. van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw. The costs of these activities depend on the specific needs of the client.

Download the brochure with more detailed information.

wommels02 300x251Please contact us for more information:
Jan L. van den Heuvel – Orgelbouw bv
Amstelwijckweg 44
3316 BB Dordrecht
T: 078 – 6179540
E: vdheuvel.orgelbouw@wxs.n


St. Aloysius Church of Glasgow gets Van den Heuvel-organ

glasgow200x267The Van den Heuvel organ was originally built for the Duke's Hall in London. Due to a large donation it was replaced by a larger organ and the organ was taken back by Van den Heuvel.

Van den Heuvel organ was purchased in 2014 by the board of the St. Aloysius College in Glasgow.

In spring 2015 the choir gallery in the nave of the beautiful St. Aloysius Church will be enlarged and adapted for the new organ. The interior of the church will also be repainted. Afterwards the installation of the Van den Heuvel organ will follow. The organ will be used not only during church services and concerts but also by students of the St. Aloysius College and by students of the Royal Conservatoire.


Flentrop-organ Amsterdam sold to Krakow (Poland)

krakow200x267In 2014 Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw bought two major Flentrop organs of the Protestant Church in Amsterdam. The organ of the Woestduin Church (later named James Chapel) was recently sold to a beautiful church in Krakow.

The organ will be completely renovated and installed in 2015. The project's consultant is the famous Polish organ consultant/organist Daniel Prajzner.



Flentrop-organ Bloemendaal sold to Evangelische Kirche Siegburg

bloemendaal200x200The famous organ of the Vijverwegkerk (Radio Bloemendaal) was purchased by Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw last year. The organ gets a new home in Siegburg, Germany.

The organ will be fully restored and expanded with a Prestant 16 on the pedal. Also some other stops will be changed. Manfred Schwartz, official organ consultant for the Evangelical Churches in Rhineland, has been appointed as consultant.

The delivery will take place in 2015.