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Inauguration church and organ Opheusden

voltooid02 300x400 voltooid03 300x400

On March 2 the new church and organ of the Netherlands Reformed Congregation of Opheusden will be inaugurated.

The new church, seating 1750 people, is after the design of Van Beijnum Architects. The two manual Van den Heuvel organ (2002) from the old church had 29 stops on two manuals and pedal. It is enlarged with a new positiv division and a open mahogany Quintbas 10 2/3 on the pedal. The windchest and pipework of the new positiv is still reserved but a new 3 manual console was already placed.

Also, the pulpit, the lectern and the font are of your own design and crafted by us.


Blank organ for sale

In 1970 K.B. Blank & Son built this organ (II/P, 22 stops) in the Vondel auditorium of the New West Cemetery in Amsterdam. Organ consultant was the well known organist of the famous Oude Kerk Han Hoogewoud.

Download the brochure for more detailed information.

Please contact us for more information:
Jan L. van den Heuvel – Orgelbouw bv
Amstelwijckweg 44
3316 BB Dordrecht
T: 0031 78 61 79 540
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


amsterdam vondelaula 

Panis Angelius - C. Franck:

Aan de Amsterdamse grachten - P. Goemans:

Jesu bleibet meine Freude - J.S. Bach:

The holy city - M. Maybrick:


Assembly organ Opheusden

opheusden lijst

Opheusden, 11 Janualy 2016

The wood work of the gallery rail is assembled. It is integrated with the positiv case and accentuates the horizontal lines.


Opheusden, 6 January2016

The pulpit is assembled. In the back wall a steel frame stabilizes the pulput.

opheusden preekstoel


opheusden rugpositief

Opheusden, 23 December 2015

The positiv case including a steel frame is hoisted into place. It is move nackwards to allow the steel frame to be fix into the maina case.


Opheusden, 18 December 2015

The assembly works reaches its highest point with the top part of the main tower.

opheusden hoogste punt


Inauguration Van den Heuvel-organ St. Aloysiuschurch, Glasgow


photo: © Gerri Campbell Photography

On Saturday November 21 the Van den Heuvel organ of the St. Aloysius church in Glasgow will be inaugurated. This instrument was built in 1993 by Van den Heuvel for the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 2011 a larger organ was built and Van den Heuvel got the organ back.

The St. Aloysius church has a musical co-operation with the St. Aloysius College. John Browne, director of the college, has studied at the Royal Academy of music in London and has regularly played the Van den Heuvel organ in the Dukes Hall.

Van den Heuvel was invited to visit the church and college. The existing organ gallery, on the side of the beautiful church, was found unsuitable. The west-end gallery is visually as well as acoustically a superior location for any organ but this gallery was too small to accommodate the Van den Heuvel organ. Decided was to enlarge the west-end gallery, construction wise and financially a demanding undertaking. In august 2015 all was ready to relocate the organ from the organ builder’s workshops to Glasgow. The organ was installed, followed by voicing and tuning of the organ.

The purchase of the organ made possible by a significant donation by the family of Maurice Taylor, a former student of the St. Aloysius College. The costs of the gallery were financed by gifts received by the church.

The inauguration will take place on November 21, 17:45h with archbishop of Glasgow, the St. Aloysius church choir and the choirs of the College. Organist Martin Baker (Master of Music, Westminster Cathedral, London) presents the organ. The program includes music by Widor (mass with 2 organs and parts from Symphony VI) and new composition by Sir James MacMillan, composted for this special occasion.