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Organ Siegburg installed


Installation of the Flentrop organ of the Vijverwegkerk (Radio Bloemendaal) in Siegburg is completed.

The organ was fully restored and enlarged by a Prestant 16' on the pedal. It is placed on new windchests behind the organ with it's own windsupply. Additional offset chest were made for the low 10 pipes of the Subbas. The Fagot was renewed and the Pedal mixtuur replaced with a new Trompet 8'. A complete re-voicing was prepared at the workshop and will be completed on location.

Pictures of the installation of the organ in Siegburg:

View the embedded image gallery online at:


Assembly organ Opheusden started

montagehal01 225x300The assembly in our hall of the organ for the Netherlands Reformed Congregation of Opheusden is started. De main organ case is lifted by 60cm to accomodate the new 3 manual console and the new Positif division. The main case is also enlarged at the back to make room for the new Quintbas 10 2/3.



Organ St. Aloysius Church, Glasgow installed


On August 17 was started with the installation of the Van den Heuvel organ on the new gallery of the church. After the assembly the organ was tuned and the voicing corrected when needed. The handover of the organ took place on August 31. At the end of November, the organ will be officially inaugurated.


Van Oekelen organ for sale

front 200x307Oude Pekela - Gereformeerde Kerk

Van Oeckelen-organ (1857, II/P, 19 stops) for sale.

Built in 1857 for the Hervormde Westerkerk of Harlingen. It was placed on a gallery and had 2 manuals and a pedal (permanently coupled, no stops of its own). This church was dismantled in 1896 and the organ was removed and placed in oude Pekela by organbuilder Proper. In 1980 the organ was relocated to the new church and placed on the ground by organbuilder Koch who also overhauled the organ.

Download the brochure (dutch).

More info:
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Amstelwijckweg 44
3316 BB Dordrecht
T: 078 – 6179540
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