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Organ Opheusden

opheusden-nieuw-orgel-216x300The Netherlands Reformed Congregation of Opheusden is building on the site of the actual church, a new church with 1.900 seats designed by Van Beijnum Architects. The organ was dismantled in September by Van den Heuvel and stored.

The two-manual 29 stop organ built by Van den Heuvel was inaugurated in March 2002.

In the new church a Rugpositif (3rd manual) and an open wooden Quint 10 2/3 on the pedal will be added.

Also, the pulpit, the lectern and font of our own design will be crafted by us.

The aim is to deliver the organ by the end of 2015.

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Flentrop organ assembled in Gameren


frontThis fine instrument was built by Flentrop in 1958. It is a good example of the excellent quality as Flentrop stand for. It was installed in the Opstandingskerk in Den Helder. Piet Kee was consultant. He performed the inauguration in 1958. The organ case is designed by the architects John A. B. Peters and Roelofs.

The instrument is placed in the new Hersteld Hervormde Kerk of Gameren. Bellows and action were restored as well as the slider system featuring double springed sliders. The stop list is unaltered. Monday July 21 started the re-assembly of the organ, which was completed on thursday July 31.

 Pictures of the assembly:

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For sale: Bishop organ (1896)

01 bishop-front 300x400

The organ is enlarged and has recieved an new organcase in solid oak.

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D.A. Flentrop organs for sale


lelystad front thumb
1956 - 6IP - sold

We sold this organ to St. Alban's Church, Windy Nook, UK

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1956 - 24IIP - sold

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1959 - 30IIIP - sold

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Bloemendaal front thumb
1960 - 26IIP - sold

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