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Oud-Beijerland, De Open Hof

oud-beijerland open-hof-front

In September 2010, the new Open Hof church opened its doors. The Leeflang organ (built in 1973) was relocated from the Thomas church to the Open Hof. It received a major overhaul during the relocation and there were also some improvements carried out. Due to the changing arrangement of the liturgical center the organ was placed on a mobile platform so that it can be used optimally during services and concerts.

"The organ has become great, you take that from me. The organ case is in a striking brown color and has been great to show off in our large church hall, on a wooden platform and on wheels. Interestingly, the overly sharp sound of the Hoofdwerk has become milder. The Regaal of the Borstwerk has become a full and round Dulciaan. The Fagot of the pedal sounds better than ever"
Leo Lommers cantor organist

oud-beijerland open-hof-speeltafel



Ichtuskerk, Scheveningen

ichtuskerkThe Flentrop organ (19IIP, 1956) underwent a major overhaul. The organ was completely cleaned, wereby the pipes were temporarily removed. The mechanical action and the windsupply were inspected, repaired and adjusted. After thorough cleaning and restoring the flue pipes, voicing was leveled and checked, the voicing of the reed stops was significantly improved.


Thaborkerk, IJsselmonde

ijsselmondeIn 1969 Ernst Leeflang built an organ (II/P, 15 stops) for the Netherlands Reformed Congregation of IJsselmonde. The sound and wind system were, as usual with this builder, very rigid. In the autumn of 2009 Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw rebuild the original wind system (all the leather of the Schwimmers were replaced) and crafted a new classic bellow placed behind the organ. The windtrunks and regulation was modified. The manuals was restored with new bushings and a large part of the key overlays were renewed. All was followed by a major overhaul of the pipework and voicingd, making the organ sounds now warmer and richer.


Utrecht, Christelijk Gereformeerde Kerk (centrum)

utrechtThe organ was built in 1906 by L. Ypma & Co. This builder included older materials. In 1922 a restauration followed by N.A. van Dam. J. de Koff & sohn rebuilt the orggan completely in 1952. In 1980 J.L. van den Heuvel received the commission to restore the organ once again.

In 2009 Van den Heuvel releathered the bellow and replaced the blower.  Besides this the organ was cleaned and the voicing checked.