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Papendrecht, Betlehemkerk

papendrechtThe organ in Betlehem-church was built by Blank in 1976. In 2009 Van den Heuvel carried out restoration work (wooden pipes, wind supply, action) and cleaned the instrument. They also stabilised pipe work (flue-pipes and resonators). Afterwards the voicing was improved.



Benthuizen, Hervormde Kerk

benthuizenIn 2009 the Gabry orgel (1903) is cleaned after parts of the ceiling were fallen into the organ. The wind chest of the Pedal was restored, all pipe work repaired and the voicing checked.




Goedereede, Hersteld Hervormde Kerk

goedereedeThis 13 stop organ was built in 1956 by W. van Leeuwen for Maranatha church at Leiden. In 2006 this church closed and was sold to real estate developer Bas Romeijn from Lisse. Romeijn donated the organ to the Reformed church in Goedereede who was just building a new church. Van den Heuvel dismantled the instrument in Leiden and was responsible for the 2007 overhoal and installation in Goedereede. A wooden Subbas 16 feet was added and the conical Spitzgedekt 16' (from metal) was altered in a Open Flute 8'.

De huidige dispositie is:
Hoofdwerk: Prestant 8, Roerfluit 8'', Octaaf 4, Ged. Fluit 4', Quint 2 2/3, Woudfluit 2'', Mixtuur, Kromhoorn 8'
Borstwerk: Holpijp 8, Speelfluit 4', Prestant 2', Larigot 1 1/3', Sesquialter, Tremulant
Pedaal: Subbas 16' (Hout), Openfluit 8' 

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