Dordrecht, Christelijke Gereformeerde kerk - Centrum

Jan van den Heuvel 2012Saturday 15 December 2012

Her Majesty the Queen of The Netherlands appointed Jan L. van den Heuvel Knight of Orange-Nassau.

Mayor drs. Arno A. M. Brok handed Jan the Royal award and decorations after the inaugural concert of the new Van den Heuvel-organ in Dordrecht.

The organ case of this new two manual organ is from oak. The design is completely in style of the archtecture of this monumental church which dates from 1921. This instrument possess 24 stops and will be in general used for accompanying the hymn-singing. The sound combines elements of both Dutch and French-romantic styles. 

Great: Bourdon 16', Prestant 8', Dwarsfluit 8', Roerfluit 8', Octaaf 4', Blokfluit 4', Octaaf 2', Mixtuur V 2', Cornet V (MC), Klarinet 16', Trompet 8', Tremulant.
Swell: Baarpijp 8', Nachthoorn 8', Viola 8', Vox Celeste 8', Koppelfluit 4', Nasard 2 2/3', Flageolet 2', Tertiaan I-II 1 1/3', Hobo 8', Vox Humana 8', Tremulant.
Pedal: Subbas 16', Holfluit 8', Bazuin 16'.
Couplers: Swell/Great, Great/Pedal, Swell/Pedal.

Organist: Rien Donkersloot


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