Restoration Voltmann-orgel, Filzen (D)

Filzen frontThe inauguration of this restored organ will take place on Sunday January 27th 2013. Mr. Reinhold Schneck, Dekanatskantor and Organ Expert of the Trier Diocese will demonstrate the organ.

When Peter van den Heuvel in 2007 visited the Voltmann organ for the first time, there was already talk of a thorough restoration and reconstruction of the organ to the situation of 1884. After research and consultation with the advisor organ of the diocese, Mr Reinhold Schneck from Wittlich, Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw recieved the contract to restore and preserve the organ after historical perspectives. The organ was dismantled in July 2012 and transferred to the workshops in Dordrecht.

Despite the idea that the organ of St. Joseph Church at first seemed almost unchanged, there appeared during further investigation in the workshops much has changed in the past 126 years. In consultation with the client and the consultant organ of the diocese, Mr Reinhold Schneck off Wittlich, the original Voltmann stoplist from 1884 is reconstructed. Missing pipes and disappeared stops are reconstructed in style and scales of Voltmann.

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