Dordrecht, Andreaskerk

front-263x300In mid-February J.L. van den Heuvel Orgelbouw bv will start the renovation of the Pels and Van Leeuwen organ (13III/P, with couplermanual) in the Andreas church in Dordrecht. The works will include a complete re-voicing and installation of some new stops: Dulciaan 8' and Nasard 2 2/3'. The Trumpet has highly corroded blocks and will therefore be renewed while the resonators will be re-used.


Great: Prestant 8', Roerfluit 8', Octaaf 4', Octaaf 2', Mixtuur III-V, Trompet 8' (2013).
Positiv: Holpijp 8', Roerfluit 4', Nasard 2 2/3' (2013), Woudfluit 2', Dulciaan 8' (2013).
Pedal: Bourdon 16', Gedekt 8'.
Couplermanual, 2 pedalcouplers , tremulant.