Oud-Beijerland, De Open Hof

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In September 2010, the new Open Hof church opened its doors. The Leeflang organ (built in 1973) was relocated from the Thomas church to the Open Hof. It received a major overhaul during the relocation and there were also some improvements carried out. Due to the changing arrangement of the liturgical center the organ was placed on a mobile platform so that it can be used optimally during services and concerts.

"The organ has become great, you take that from me. The organ case is in a striking brown color and has been great to show off in our large church hall, on a wooden platform and on wheels. Interestingly, the overly sharp sound of the Hoofdwerk has become milder. The Regaal of the Borstwerk has become a full and round Dulciaan. The Fagot of the pedal sounds better than ever"
Leo Lommers cantor organist

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