Schiedam, Grote- of St. Janskerk

schiedamfrontIn 2010 a number of renowned organbuilders were asked to bid for a major overhaul, restoration and expansion of this Flentrop organ (1976). After examination and comparison, the contract was awarded to J.L. van den Heuvel Orgelbouw.
In the period January-April 2011, the following works were executed:

  • cleaning and restoration of all pipes,
  • partial re-voicing,
  • installation of new wind concucts for display pipes and offset pipes,
  • installation of additional walkboards,
  • checking of the key- and stop action,
  • stabilization of the historic display pipes
  • installation of an additional (independent) wind supply for the pedal, consisting of two folding bellows and two windmotors, placed under the wind chests of the pedal.
  • extension of the pedal division with a Prestant 16', aRoerquint 12' (from mahogany wood) and a reservation for a Fagot 32'. Two new slider wind chests were installed behind the excisting organ case.

For the Fagot 32' a fundraising action started and a few months after the inaugural concert on April 30th 2011 by Arjen Leistra the contract for this additional stop was awarded to Van den Heuvel.



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