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Nieuwpoort, Dutch Reformed Church (17/II/P, 1974)

Ben van Oosten: J.S. Bach - Concerto in G-dur nach Johann Ernst BWV 592:

Nieuwpoort is the smallest town of South-Holland. It has old fortifications and the Dutch government declared the whole town monumental area. In the town centre is the Reformed Church, a pseudo-basilica with a beautiful restored interior.

In 1974 a new organ was constructed by J.L. van den Heuvel Orgelbouw. The organ case of the former organ, built by Standaart, was re-used. The organ was inaugurated by consultant Frans van Tilburg on August 21, 1974.

The Vox Humana 8' of the Positief was added in 1976 on a reserved slider. For additional Fagot 16' a new wind chest and stop action were made.

Additional Info

  • Location: Nieuwpoort (NL)
  • Inauguration: Wednesday, 21 August 1974
  • Activity: Nieuwbouw
  • Stoplist:

    Prestant 8'
    Holpijp 8'
    Octaaf 4'
    Octaaf 2'
    Mixtuur III-IV
    Sesquialter II (TF)
    Trompet 8'

    Roerfluit 8'
    Prestant 4'
    Fluit 4'
    Woudfluit 2'
    Nasard 1 1/3'
    Cymbel II
    Vox Humana 8'

    Subbas 16'
    Prestant 8' (Hoofdwerk)
    Fagot 16'



    Mechanical key and stop action.

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