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Bishop and Son (1896)

Built in 1896 by Bishop & Son (organbuilder in London and Ipwich) for the St. James Chapel in Brightlingsea (a fishing village in the Essex region northeast of London).

In 1977, the Oude Kerk of Zoetermeer decided to purchase a choir organ. At a private dealer in Friesland, the Bishop organ was offered for sale, but without organ case. The sound of the pipes, the wind chest, mechanics and air supply were of good quality. Volunteers from the congregation built a new organ case with use of the existing façade. The construction of the stop action was changed and a new console layout made.
The bellows, wind chest, rollerboard, etc. were kept in its original state. The lead wind ways to the façade pipes are still original as it the façade toe board. The organ was equipped with a new fan. In 1978 the organ was inaugurated.

In 2007, the choir organ was purchased by Van den Heuvel Orgelbouw who the organ gave a major overhaul: windchest, stop action, key action, wind supply and pipe work. In 2014 the organ recieved a new organ case of oak.

Bishop belonged to the well-known English companies and their organs are known for their solid con-struction and warm, round and noble organ sound which is so typical of the English organ culture. The instrument therefore is well suited to accompany singing, but also invites you to improvise!

The organ is playable in our workshop.

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Height: 388 cm
Width: 245 cm
Depth: 102 cm (excl. console, tuning space behind the organ and organ fan)
Depth incl. console and tuning space: 237 cm


For more information and/or a visit you can contact us:
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Amstelwijckweg 44
NL-3316 BB Dordrecht
telefoon: +31 (0)78 61 79 540
fax: +31 (0)78 61 81 228
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Additional Info

  • Activity: Restauratie
  • Stoplist:

    Manual, C-g3
    Open Diapason 8’
    Clarabella 8’ [wood: stopped bass, open treble]
    Dulciana 8'
    Principal 4’
    Twelfth 3'
    Fifteenth 2’

    Pedal, C-d1
    Bourdon 16’

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