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Blank (1976, 17IIP)

In 1976, the firm K.B. Blank & Zoon built a new organ (II / P, 17 voices) in an auditorium of the Nieuwe Westerbegraafplaats in Amsterdam.

The fraçade design took full account of the specific architecture of the auditorium. The organ was built behind a wall, only the façade protruded through it. When rebuilding the organ, the arrangement and the organ case will therefore have to be revised. This gives the buyer the necessary freedom in terms of arrangement and design. The organ was disassembled by Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw and stored in Dordrecht.

Further information:
J.L. van den Heuvel – Orgelbouw bv
Amstelwijckweg 44
3316 BB Dordrecht
T: +31 78 617 95 40
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Info

  • Stoplist:
    Hoofdwerk, C-g3
    Prestant 8
    Gedekt 8
    Octaaf 4
    Spitsfluit 4
    Superoctaaf 2
    Mixtuur II-IV

    Zwelwerk, C-g3
    Holpijp 8
    Viola di Gamba 8
    Zweving 8
    Roerfluit 4
    Nasard 2 2/3
    Woudfluit 2
    Terts 1 3/5
    Dulciaan 8
    Pedaal, C-f1
    Subbas 16
    Gedekt 8
    Fagot 16

    Pedaalkoppel Hoofdwerk
    Pedaalkoppel Bovenwerk



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