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Laycock (1877, 11/IIP) organ for sale

1877 this organ was built by John Laycock (1808-1889) for the Ickornshaw Methodist Church in North Yorkshire
(UK). 1907 the organ was moved to the Carleton Methodist Church where it was used up to the moment the
church was closed in 1999. At that moment the organ was bought by J.L. van den Heuvel-organ builders in The
Netherlands. At that moment the organ was completely original except the electric blower (the hand pump
installation is still present but is no longer in use). 2002 the organ was located in the auditorium of the Jacobus
Fruytier high school in Uddel (NL). The owner has asked Van den Heuvel to find a suitable new location for this
beautiful instrument.

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Further information:
Jan L. van den Heuvel – Orgelbouw bv
Amstelwijckweg 44
3316 BB Dordrecht
T: 078 – 6179540
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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