Pipework restoration Rijsoord completed

pijwerk gerestaureerd

Organ builder C.G.F. Witte constructed the new organ in 1864. It was an organ with two manuals and a permanentely coupled pedal. The instrument was inaugurated on April 24, 1864 by J.H. Paling of Rotterdam. On March 11, 1923 a fire hit the church and damaged the organ. Sanders restored the instrument.

Standaart worked in the organ in 1929 and replaced the Trompet for a new one. More works were done by De Koff (1951) and A. Verduyn (1957 and 1963), but no major change were carried out.

In 1973 J.L. van den Heuvel Orgelbouw added an independant pedal of two stops to the organ and carried out some maintenance work. Also the zinc trumpet resonators were renewed in organ metal. Feike Asma performed the re-inauguration recital on Oktober 17, 1973.

In 1992 the complete organ was dismantled and shipped to Van den Heuvel in Dordrecht for a complete revision. The double rise bellow has been re-leathered and the windchest has been restored so that it is windproof again. The Salicet 2' of the second manual was moved back to its original pitch of 4', luckely the original bass pipes were kept at the organ. The organ was re-inaugurated on April 4, 1992.

The pipework was restored in 2022. The tuning systems were repaired or renewed. Pipe feet have been partly renewed where corrosion had occurred. The gaskets of the covered wooden and metal pipes are also renewed. After cleaning of the pipes, the voicing has been checked and leveled.