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J.L. van den Heuvel orgel for sale (1986, 7IIIp)

orgue02 300x400In 1986 we designed and built a practice organ (III/P, 7 stops) for Professeur Donna Autula in Angoulême, France. The organ case is made from mahogany wood. There is a room reservation for a Positif division. The stop knobs are already installed. Since a few years Mrs Autula is retired as organ professor from the conservatory and now she requested us to find a new destignation for her practice organ. The organ can be visited and played in her music room.


Thomas Ospital, ein virtuoser Organist

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Hersteld Hervormde Church in Ouderkerk aan de IJssel

September 22, 2017 the organ (III/P, 37 stops) of the Hersteld Hervormde Church in Ouderkerk aan de IJssel (NL) was inaugurated with a concert by organists Arie van der Vlist, Pieter Geneugelijk, Klaas van Reenen und Thijs Doeland.


Assembly started

Monday august 14th the assembly of the organ in the church of Ouderkerk aan den IJssel has started.

Pictures of the first and second week:


Installing the big façade pipes: