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Revision Leeflang-orgel Oolgensplaat


The Leeflang-organ (1965, 8/IP) of the Reformed Church in Ooltgensplaat received a sound overhaul in June 2021. In addition to voice damage repair, the works included replacing the paper and adhesive tape gaskets of the Holpijp 8' and Roerfluit 4' with felt gaskets. To this end, the hats have been shifted a semitone, new hats have been newly made for the largest pipes. The Mixture 1 1/3' 4-6ranks is replaced by a new Nasard 2 2/3'. The felt bearings of the pedal keyboard have also been renewed. The work has been completed with a general revoicing.



Manuaal: Prestant 8', Holpijp 8', Octaaf 4', Roerfluit 4', Nasard 2 2/3' (2021), Octaaf 2', Gemshoorn 2'
Pedaal: Bourdon 16'