new low price: Leeflang (1965, 10IP) for sale

EURO 9.990,--

This organ has to be dismantled and removed soon as possible, hence the very special price!


The Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk 'Eben Haëzer' in Ulrum was built in 1924. First they used a historic cabinet organ, afterwards a pedal reed-organ was used. 1972 this instrument was replaced by a small pipe organ from the Pels & Sohn organ building company. In 1982 the congregation could bought the present organ which was 1965 built by the Leeflang Organ Building company. This fine instrument was original built for the Gereformeerde Kerk in Tholen where the congregation 1982 could purchase larger organ. 1983 the organ case was decorated in with beautiful hand crafted wood carvings by F. de Haan. One year afterwards, Johannes B. Groenenberg added a separated pedal case and two additional pedal stops, a Subbas 16’ and a Gedekt 8’ (extention). The original Sordun 16' (reed)stop was converted by Groenenberg to an 8'. 2006 the well-known Groningen pipe organ builder Mense Ruiter renewed the wind system and installed a new blower. The Eben Haëzer church was closed in 2019 and sold in 2020. Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw was asked by the owner to find a fine place for this interesting instrument which is well suited as church organ in a small church, auditorium or as choir-organ.

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Progress organ Ridderkerk

You can follow the progress of the organ for the Hersteld Hervormede Church in Ridderkerk here.

montagehal april2021


Organ for sale (11/IIP)

Den Helder Ned Geref VM De Deur 005In 1909, the organ builder Maarschalkerweerd & Son built a new organ with pneumatic action in the beautiful neo-Gothic chapel of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Leiderdorp (NL). In 1967 organ builder Willem van Leeuwen built a new instrument in the beautiful oak case. The monastery was closed in 1971 and Van Leeuwen transferred the organ to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Den Helder (NL). This church was closed in 1990 and the building stood unused up to 1995 when the Dutch Reformed Church bought it. In 2013 however also this community closed and the building was rented to an Evangelical Congregation. The owner of the church decided to sell the organ, and Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw was requested to find a fine church for this organ.

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Further information:
Jan L. van den Heuvel – Orgelbouw bv
Amstelwijckweg 44
3316 BB Dordrecht
The Netherlands
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Hersteld Hervormde Kerk, Ridderkerk (2021)

Hervormde Kerk, Werkendam (2020)

Hervormde Kerk, Nunspeet (2020)

Hervormde Kerk, Yerseke (2019)

Hersteld Hervormde Kerk, Lunteren (2019, 46/IIIP)

Maranathakerk, Dinteloord (2018)

Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam (2017)

Hersteld Hervormde Kerk, Ouderkerk aan den IJssel (2017/19, 38/IIIP)

Hervormde Kerk, Scherpenisse (2016)

Dendermonde (2016)

Evangelische Kirche, Siegburg (2015)

Opheusden, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (2015/8, 40/IIIP)

St. Aloysius Church, Glasgow (2015)

Parafia rzymskokatolicka pw. bł. Anieli Salawy, Krakow (2015)

Hersteld Hervormde Kerk, Gameren (2014)

Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk, Vianen (2014)

Hilversum, Regenboogkerk (2013)

Dordrecht, Andreaskerk (2013)

Ginneken, Protestantse Laurentiuskerk (2013)

Brauneberg-Filzen, Katholische Klosterkirche Sankt Josef (2013)

Dordrecht, Orgue de Salon (12/II/P, 2013)

Dordrecht, Christelijke Gereformeerde kerk (24/II/P, 2012)

Boven-Hardinxveld, Gereformeerde Kerk (2012)

Oud-Beijerland, Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk (2012)

Meppel, Reformed Kruiskerk (2011)

Schiedam, Dutch Reformed Grote- or St. Janskerk (2010)

Hallein, Austria, Musikum Hallein (11/II/P, 2009)

Kopenhagen, DR Koncerthuset (91/IV/P, 2009)

Bennekom, Christian Reformed Church (2007)

Scheveningen, Oude Kerk (2006)

Scheveningen, Dutch reformed Oude Kerk, choir organ (2004)

Breda-Princenhage, Dutch Reformed Johanneskerk (12/II/P, 2004)

Saarbrücken, Germany, Caritas-Klinik (2003)

Mänttä, Finland, Mäntän Seurakunta (28/III/P, 2003)

Zevenbergen, Dutch Reformed Catharina Church (2002)

Uddel, Jacobus Fruytier School (2002)

Skedsmo, Norway, church of Skedsmo (2001)

Opheusden, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (29/II/P, 2002-2014)

Breda, Grote Kerk (1999/2000)

Den Haag, residence organ (16/III/P, 2000)

Stockholm, Katarina Kyrka (62/III/P, 2000)

Rotterdam, Dutch Reformed Maranathakerk (25/III/P, 1998)

Münich, St. Franziskus church (51/III/P, 1997)

Zürich, Tonhalle (1996)

Katwijk aan Zee, Dutch Reformed Andreaskerk or Oude Kerk (25/II/P, 1995)

Stockholm, Royal College of Music / Kungliga Musikhögskolan (25/III/P, 1995)

New York, Church of the Holy Apostles (32/III/P, 1994)

London, Duke's Hall (24/II/P, 1993-2011)

Geneva, Victoria Hall (71/IV/P, 1993)

Leerdam, Addulamkerk, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (17/II/P, 1989/2000)

Paris, Saint-Eustache (101/V/P, 1989)

Ouddorp, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (10/II/P, 1986)

Angoulème, France, residence organ (7/III/P, 1986)

Reusel, Roman Catholic Church (1985/2005)

Cincinnati, USA, residence organ (12/II/P, 1985)

Sneek, Grote of Martinikerk, choir organ (8/I/P, 1985)

Wekerom, Dutch Reformed Church (20/II/P, 1985/2005)

Zeist, Christian Reformed Church (20/II/P, 1984)

Yerseke, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (42/III/P, 1984)

Noordeloos, Dutch Reformed Church (10/P, 1983)

Katwijk aan Zee, Dutch Reformed Nieuwe Kerk (80/IV/P, 1983)

Polsbroek, Dutch Reformed Church (1982)

Bodegraven, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (12/II/P, 1981)

Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Free Old Reformed Church (21/II/P, 1981)

Utrecht, Christian Reformed Church (1981)

Groot-Ammers, Dutch Reformed Church (44/III/P, 1981)

Bellville, Texas, Castle Creek, USA (4/P, 1980/2000)

Ridderkerk, Bethel Church, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (34/II/P, 1980)

Dordrecht, residence organ (5/I,1979)

Paris, Maison de Radio France (5/I, 1979)

Noordeloos, Christian Reformed Church (11/II/P, 1979)

Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Old Reformed Church (18/II/P, 1979)

Alphen aan de Rijn, Dutch Reformed Sionskerk (16/II/P, 1978)

Molenaarsgraaf, Dutch Reformed Church (12/II/P, 1978)

Damwoude, Christian Reformed Sionskerk (23/II/P, 1977)

Vreeswijk, Durch Reformed Church (1977)

Dordrecht, Auditorium Dutch Reformed Paulchurch (6/P, 1976)

Giessen-Oudekerk, Dutch Reformed Church (15/II/P, 1976)

Broeksterwoude, Christion Reformed Church (10/II/P, 1976)

Strijensas, Dutch Reformed Church (10/II/P, 1976)

Mookhoek, Dutch Reformed Church (9/II/P,1976)

Dordrecht, Old Reformed Church (1976)

Achterberg, Dutch Reformed Church (1975)

Strijen, Dutch Reformed St. Lambertus church (33/II/P, 1975)

Gouderak, Dutch Reformed Church (1974)

Nieuwpoort, Dutch Reformed Church (17/II/P, 1974)

Rijsoord, Dutch Reformed Church (1973)

Sliedrecht, Dutch Reformed Grote Kerk (1973)

Ridderkerk, Dutch Reformed St. Joris Church or Singel Church (32/III/P, 1972)

Lage Zwaluwe, Dutch Reformed Church (13/II/P, 1969)

Maarssen, Reformed Church (10/I/P, 1967)

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