Caleidoscoop, new 2-CD Van den Heuvel-organ Lunteren

The first 2-CD of this new organ is released! You can order this double-CD via the link below. Highly recommended!

Gerben Mourik improvises on the Van den Heuvel organ in the Bethelkerk in Lunteren

114 minutes of music ..... Improvisations in all kinds of styles: From a Bicinium à la Speuy, Praeludium in the North German Baroque style, Partita à la Pachelbel to a Choral fantasy à la Reger, Intermezzo à la Brahms to French Romanticism. The 20th century has a place with a French suite in a modern style, homages to Klaas-Jan Mulder and Jan J. van den Berg and a Symphonie pour Grand Orgue.


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Assembly works Nunspeet

The assembly of the Van Dam organ will commence on Monday 23 March. The last work is currently being carried out in the workshop.


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Update: update: because of the corona virus, the activities are being postponed. In the meantime, we are already working on the new organ for the Hersteld Hervormde Gemeente in Ridderkerk.

Update: On Monday 10 August, the parts of the Van Dam organ will be transported to Nunspeet. Assembly will start subsequently.


New organ for Hersteld Hervormd Ridderkerk

front preekstoel400x533

J.L. van den Heuvel Orgelbouw has been commissioned to build a new two-manual organ in Sionskerk of the Hersteld Hervormde Gemeente in Ridderkerk. It will be the third organ that we construct for Ridderkerk. In 1972 the organ of the Reformed Singelkerk (32/IIIP) was completed. In 1980 we placed a French-romantic organ (34/IIP) in the Bethel Church of the Netherlands Reformed Congregation

ridderkerk sionskerk hhg 400x250

The Sionskerk was opened in March 2015. The church building, built in brick in classical style, designed by architect Born, can accommodate around 700 people. The Van den Heuvel organ gets a place above the pulpit. The design of the organ case, just like the pulpit, is in late nineteenth-century, early twentieth-century style. The organ case and the gallery will be made of oak.

ridderkerk sionskerk hhg preekstoel 400x250

The instrument will have 28 speaking stops on Great, Swell and Pedal. We expect to be able to deliver the organ in 2021.

Hersteld Hervormde Kerk, Ridderkerk (2021)

Hervormde Kerk, Nunspeet (2020)

Hervormde Kerk, Yerseke (2019)

Hersteld Hervormde Kerk, Lunteren (2019, 46/IIIP)

Maranathakerk, Dinteloord (2018)

Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam (2017)

Hersteld Hervormde Kerk, Ouderkerk aan den IJssel (2017/19, 38/IIIP)

Hervormde Kerk, Scherpenisse (2016)

Dendermonde (2016)

Evangelische Kirche, Siegburg (2015)

Opheusden, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (2015/8, 40/IIIP)

St. Aloysius Church, Glasgow (2015)

Parafia rzymskokatolicka pw. bł. Anieli Salawy, Krakow (2015)

Hersteld Hervormde Kerk, Gameren (2014)

Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk, Vianen (2014)

Hilversum, Regenboogkerk (2013)

Dordrecht, Andreaskerk (2013)

Ginneken, Protestantse Laurentiuskerk (2013)

Brauneberg-Filzen, Katholische Klosterkirche Sankt Josef (2013)

Dordrecht, Orgue de Salon (12/II/P, 2013)

Dordrecht, Christelijke Gereformeerde kerk (24/II/P, 2012)

Boven-Hardinxveld, Gereformeerde Kerk (2012)

Oud-Beijerland, Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk (2012)

Meppel, Reformed Kruiskerk (2011)

Schiedam, Dutch Reformed Grote- or St. Janskerk (2010)

Hallein, Austria, Musikum Hallein (11/II/P, 2009)

Kopenhagen, DR Koncerthuset (91/IV/P, 2009)

Bennekom, Christian Reformed Church (2007)

Scheveningen, Oude Kerk (2006)

Scheveningen, Dutch reformed Oude Kerk, choir organ (2004)

Breda-Princenhage, Dutch Reformed Johanneskerk (12/II/P, 2004)

Saarbrücken, Germany, Caritas-Klinik (2003)

Mänttä, Finland, Mäntän Seurakunta (28/III/P, 2003)

Zevenbergen, Dutch Reformed Catharina Church (2002)

Uddel, Jacobus Fruytier School (2002)

Skedsmo, Norway, church of Skedsmo (2001)

Opheusden, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (29/II/P, 2002-2014)

Breda, Grote Kerk (1999/2000)

Den Haag, residence organ (16/III/P, 2000)

Stockholm, Katarina Kyrka (62/III/P, 2000)

Rotterdam, Dutch Reformed Maranathakerk (25/III/P, 1998)

Münich, St. Franziskus church (51/III/P, 1997)

Zürich, Tonhalle (1996)

Katwijk aan Zee, Dutch Reformed Andreaskerk or Oude Kerk (25/II/P, 1995)

Stockholm, Royal College of Music / Kungliga Musikhögskolan (25/III/P, 1995)

New York, Church of the Holy Apostles (32/III/P, 1994)

London, Duke's Hall (24/II/P, 1993-2011)

Geneva, Victoria Hall (71/IV/P, 1993)

Leerdam, Addulamkerk, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (17/II/P, 1989/2000)

Paris, Saint-Eustache (101/V/P, 1989)

Ouddorp, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (10/II/P, 1986)

Angoulème, France, residence organ (7/III/P, 1986)

Reusel, Roman Catholic Church (1985/2005)

Cincinnati, USA, residence organ (12/II/P, 1985)

Sneek, Grote of Martinikerk, choir organ (8/I/P, 1985)

Wekerom, Dutch Reformed Church (20/II/P, 1985/2005)

Zeist, Christian Reformed Church (20/II/P, 1984)

Yerseke, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (42/III/P, 1984)

Noordeloos, Dutch Reformed Church (10/P, 1983)

Katwijk aan Zee, Dutch Reformed Nieuwe Kerk (80/IV/P, 1983)

Polsbroek, Dutch Reformed Church (1982)

Bodegraven, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (12/II/P, 1981)

Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Free Old Reformed Church (21/II/P, 1981)

Utrecht, Christian Reformed Church (1981)

Groot-Ammers, Dutch Reformed Church (44/III/P, 1981)

Bellville, Texas, Castle Creek, USA (4/P, 1980/2000)

Ridderkerk, Bethel Church, Netherlands Reformed Congregation (34/II/P, 1980)

Dordrecht, residence organ (5/I,1979)

Paris, Maison de Radio France (5/I, 1979)

Noordeloos, Christian Reformed Church (11/II/P, 1979)

Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Old Reformed Church (18/II/P, 1979)

Alphen aan de Rijn, Dutch Reformed Sionskerk (16/II/P, 1978)

Molenaarsgraaf, Dutch Reformed Church (12/II/P, 1978)

Damwoude, Christian Reformed Sionskerk (23/II/P, 1977)

Vreeswijk, Durch Reformed Church (1977)

Dordrecht, Auditorium Dutch Reformed Paulchurch (6/P, 1976)

Giessen-Oudekerk, Dutch Reformed Church (15/II/P, 1976)

Broeksterwoude, Christion Reformed Church (10/II/P, 1976)

Strijensas, Dutch Reformed Church (10/II/P, 1976)

Mookhoek, Dutch Reformed Church (9/II/P,1976)

Dordrecht, Old Reformed Church (1976)

Achterberg, Dutch Reformed Church (1975)

Strijen, Dutch Reformed St. Lambertus church (33/II/P, 1975)

Gouderak, Dutch Reformed Church (1974)

Nieuwpoort, Dutch Reformed Church (17/II/P, 1974)

Rijsoord, Dutch Reformed Church (1973)

Sliedrecht, Dutch Reformed Grote Kerk (1973)

Ridderkerk, Dutch Reformed St. Joris Church or Singel Church (32/III/P, 1972)

Lage Zwaluwe, Dutch Reformed Church (13/II/P, 1969)

Maarssen, Reformed Church (10/I/P, 1967)

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