J.L. van den Heuvel orgel for sale (1986, 7IIIp)

orgue02 300x400In 1986 we designed and built a practice organ (III/P, 7 stops) for Professeur Donna Autula in Angoulême, France. The organ case is made from mahogany wood. There is a room reservation for a Positif division. The stop knobs are already installed. Since a few years Mrs Autula is retired as organ professor from the conservatory and now she requested us to find a new destignation for her practice organ. The organ can be visited and played in her music room.

H.J. Vierdag (1981, 14IIP) - SOLD

D.A. Flentrop (1958, 22IIP) - SOLD

J.L. van den Heuvel (1986, 7IIIp) - SOLD

Fama & Raadgever (1972, 15IIP) - SOLD

Bakker & Timmenga (1904, 10Ip)

J.L. van den Heuvel (1979)

Bishop and Son (1896)

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