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Cincinnati, USA, residence organ (12/II/P, 1985)

This instrument was ordered as a 7 stop demonstration organ in the entrance hall of a factory in Amelia, Ohio. After a few years the instrument was re-installed in the residence of the owner in Cincinatti. Van den Heuvel built a new mahogany case with carvings from French linden wood and additional wind chests for the Great.


Additional Info

  • Location: Cincinnati (USA)
  • Activity: Nieuwbouw
  • Stoplist:

    Grand-Orgue (I), C-c4
    Montre 8
    Prestant 4
    Doublette 2
    Mixture III-V
    Trompette 8
    Trémolo Doux

    Recit Expressif (II), C-c4
    Principal 8
    Unda Maris 8
    Bourdon 8
    Flute Fuseau 4
    Doublette 2
    Cornet III (TC)
    Hautbois 8
    Trémolo Forte

    Pédale, C-g1
    no stops

    Accouplement Récit Expressif/Grand-Orgue
    Tirasse Grand-orgue
    Tirasse Récit Expressif

    Electric key and stop action.

    This organ contains additional digital stops on the Grand-Orgue, Récit Expressif and Pédale.

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