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Dordrecht, Orgue de Salon (12/II/P, 2013)

This organ is finished and currently fully playable.


In 1841 Cavaillé-Coll constructed an 'orgue de salon' for Pauline Viardot (1821-1910). This instrument had 2 manuals and pedal with in total 14 speaking stops. Currently this organ is in altered form found in the église Notre-Dame de Melun.

Organ of Pauline Viardot - Aristide Cavaille-Coll Organ of Pauline Viardot - Baden-Baden 1865

The beautiful organcase was the inspiration for the design which also holds 2 manuals and pedal. The 10 manual stops are made in the traditional way with pipes. Due to the space restictions the two pedal stops are provided with free reeds as used in harmoniums.

orguedesalon small



The chosen stoplist provides all basic sounds of the French romantic school as developed by Cavaillé-Coll. The stops are scaled to ensure maximum blend and a moderate total volume which is so important in smaller rooms. Beside the traditional four fonds, colourful stops like Nasard, Voix Céleste and Basson-Hautbois found a place in the stoplist. The plenum is crowned by a Doublette. Due to the resticted dimensions of the organcase (hxwxd: 256x218x127cm, incl. manuals) is was not possible to provide each fond completely with its own pipes, a solution was found by combining them in the bottom octave.

doorsnede small


Pictures of the construction of the organ:

Pictures of the finished organ case:



Additional Info

  • Location: Dordrecht (NL)
  • Activity: Nieuwbouw
  • Stoplist:
    Grand-Orgue (I), C–g3

    Montre 8'
    Flûte Harmonique 8'
    Prestant 4'
    Nasard 2 2/3'
    Doublette 2'

    Récit Expressif (II), C–g3
    Cor de Nuit 8'
    Viole 8'
    Voix Céleste 8'
    Flûte 4'
    Basson-Hautbois 8'

    Pédale, C-f1
    Basse 16'
    Basse 8'

    Basse de Pédale 16'
    Basse de Pédale 8'
    Tirasse Récit Expressif
    Tirasse Grand-Orgue
    Accouplement Récit Expressif/Grand-Orgue
    Expression Récit
    Forte Pédale

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