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Gouderak, Dutch Reformed Church (1974)

This is the last organ built by builder Pieter Flaes. It was inaugurated on August 5, 1888. The organ was maintained by several builders: Gabry, De Koff and Slooff. In 1969 the Cornet was replaced by a Mixtuur.

In 1974 works were done by J.L. van den Heuvel whereby the Mixtuur was replaced by a new Cornet, since the orginal Cornet had disapeared. Also the non original key action parts were replaced. The 16' Bourdon was made playable (by transmission) from the pedal. The organ was re-inaugurated on October 12, 1974.


Additional Info

  • Location: Gouderak (NL)
  • Activity: Restauratie
  • Stoplist:

    Hoofdmanuaal (I), C-f3
    Prestant 8'
    Bourdon 16'
    Octaaf 4'
    Quint 3'
    Octaaf 2'
    Cornet IV (treble)
    Trompet 8'

    Bovenmanuaal (II), C-f3
    Salicionaal 8'
    Holpijp 8'
    Viola di Gamba 8'
    Roerfluit 4'

    Pedaal, C-d1
    Bourdon 16'


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