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Strijen, Dutch Reformed St. Lambertus church (33/II/P, 1975)

Martin Mans - koraalbewerking Psalm 65:2:
Ben van Oosten: Felix Mendelssohn - Sonate No. 4 in B-Dur, Opus 65:

The original organ of the St. Lambertus church in  Strijen was built in 1839 by the famous Groningen organ builder Petrus van Oeckelen. The organ had 21 speaking stops on two manuals and pedal. There was hardly anything functional in the organ when, in 1973, Van den Heuvel recieved the commission to restore and enlarge the organ. The French organist Michelle Leclerc (Cathedral Sens) was engaged as advisor. Almost an entirely new organ was built, extending over two manuals and pedal, the pure mechanical system in the historical case was maintained. The oak woodworking was carried out in the old manner of smoking. To harmonize with the original case, new pipework was sought which would maintain the original pipes' tone quality and character. On June 21, 1975 the opening concert was performed by Michelle Leclerc.

In 1997 the accoustic conditions of the church were improved when the restoration of the church interior was finished. Van den Heuvel carried out some work on the action and replaced two stops. All the pipework was cleaned and checked and where needed re-voiced.

Additional Info

  • Location: Strijen (NL)
  • Inauguration: Saturday, 21 June 1975
  • Activity: Nieuwbouw
  • Stoplist:

    Hoofdwerk (I), C-f3
    Praestant 16voet
    Octaav 8voet
    Roerfluyt 8voet
    Octaav 4voet
    Fluyt 4voet
    Quint 3voet
    Octaav 2voet
    Mixtuur 4-6sterk
    Cornet 4sterk
    Fagot 16voet (1975: Scherp 4sterk)
    Trompet 8voet

    Bovenwerk (II), C-f3
    Praestant 8voet
    Holpyp 8voet
    Quintadena 8voet
    Viola di Gamba 8voet
    Octaav 4voet
    Roerfluyt 4voet
    Nasard 3voet
    Woutfluyt 2voet
    Tertiaan 2sterk
    Flageolet 1voet
    Hautbois 8voet
    Vox Humana 8voet

    Pedaal, C-f1
    Praestant 16voet
    Subbas 16voet
    Octaav 8voet
    Gedekt 8voet
    Octaav 4voet
    Bazuin 16voet
    Trompet 8voet (1975: Ruyspyp 3sterk)
    Schalmey 4voet
    Cink 2voet


    Tremulant Hoofdwerk
    Tremulant Bovenwerk

    Mechanical key and stop action.

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