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Zeist, Christian Reformed Church (20/II/P, 1984)

Dekker constructed in 1914 a one manual organ with permanently coupled pedal for this church. In 1939 a Subbas 16' (with pneumatic action) was added. The manual Prestant was made playable in the pedal. Together with consultant Chris Haalboom Verschueren restored the organ in 1970. At that time a second manual was added and the pneumatic action was replaced by a mechanical one. In front of the old organ a new open façade was placed. On December 24, 1970 the organ was inaugurated by the consultant and local organist J.W. Baan.

In 1981 it was decided to alter the organ since the result of 1970 was not satisfying. J.L. van den Heuvel got the commission to rebuild the organ. Of the 16 stops only 5 were re-used. A new wind system, a new pedal wind chest and action were made. A new new oak organ case was constructed by Van den Heuvel and the wood carvings were made by W.C. Bor, member of the church. The organ was inaugurated on December 29, 1984 by Hans Boelee.

Additional Info

  • Location: Zeist (NL)
  • Activity: Restauratie
  • Stoplist:

    Hoofdwerk (I), C-f3
    Prestant 8'
    Roerfluit 8'
    Octaaf 4'
    Blokfluit 4'
    Octaaf 2'
    Cornet V (MC)
    Mixtuur III-IV
    Trompet 8'

    Zwelwerk (II), C-f3
    Bourdon 8'
    Gamba 8' (1-12 in Bourdon)
    Celeste 8' (TC)
    Fluit 4'
    Nasard 2 2/3'
    Woudfluit 2'

    Pedaal, C-f1
    Subbas 16' [mahogany]
    Octaafbas 8' [mahogany]
    Fagot 16' [L/2]


    Mechanical key and stop action.

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