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Uddel, Jacobus Fruytier School (2002)


This beautiful organ, built by John Laycock (1808-1889) for Ickornshaw Methodist Church in North Yorkshire, England was consecrated in 1877. In 1907 the instrument was moved to Carleton Methodist Church. In January 1999 it was moved to store and in 2000 Van den Heuvel restored and reconstructed this fine instrument. The instrument is, including the hand-pumped windsupply original. The additional blower now found a place in the organ case.

The pre-Victorian style 'Classical' case work is similar with the first organ Laycock built.

In Januari 2002 the organ was placed in the Jacobus Fruytier Scholengemeenschap, Uddel.

Some details

The organ possesses two mechanical combination pedals: one for pulling all 4 stops of the Great, and second for closing the Open Diapason 8' and Flute 4'. Besides this there is at the right a pedal for opening and closing the Swell shutters.

The Bourdon 16' of the Pedal is situated at the left and right side of the organ case. The stop names and couplers are engraved on ivory plates.

The organ case is technical restored whereby under new painting the original decorative paintings were found. These paintings were restored.


Additional Info

  • Location: Uddel (NL)
  • Activity: Restauratie
  • Stoplist:

    Great (I), C-g3
    Open Diapason 8'
    Claribella 8'
    Dulciana 8'
    Flute 4'

    Swell (II), C-g3
    Open Diapason 8'
    Stopped Diapason 8'
    Principal 4'
    Fifteenth 2'
    Mixture III
    Oboe 8'

    Pedal, C-d1
    Bourdon 16'

    Swell to Great
    Great to Pedal
    Swell to Pedal

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