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Friday, 23 August 2013 13:54

Hilversum, Regenboogkerk (2013)


The Williams-organ was build for the Ryecroft Methodist church in Gloucester. In 1898 it was sold to the Eastinton Methodist church and in the seventies it was relocated to the St. Barnabaschurch in Glochester. In 1999 this church was closed and the organ disassembled. In 2004 the organ was completely restored and in august 2013 it was placed in the Regenboogkerk of Hilversum.

Henry Williams was born in 1805. He worked 20 years for the company of John Gray (later Gray & Davison). Around 1853 Williams established himself as an independent organ builder in Cheltenham. He built at least 15 new organs for churches in a conservative style. Henry died in 1874 and was succeeded by his son Williams H. Williams who, besides a few new organs, mainly carried out maintenance jobs till around 1902.

The terraced console is place centrally below a typical flat arrangement of the display pipes. The Great is placed just behind the display pipes with a walk board behind it. The swell pipe work is place in a swell box behind the walk board. The case is made of solid woodwork at the front and the two sides. The original hand-pump installation was removed when relocated to the St. Barnabaschurch. A wind motor supplies the air to the original main folding bellow.


Pictures of the assembly at the Regenboogkerk:


Additional Info

  • Location: Hilversum (NL)
  • Activity: Restauratie
  • Stoplist:

    Great (I), C-g3
    Open Diapason 8'
    Stopped Diapason Bass 8'
    Clarabel 8'
    Dulciana 8'
    Principal 4'
    Fifteenth 2'
    Mixture III

    lower manual, 56 tones
    display pipes, 56 tones
    1-12, 12 tones
    from TC, 44 tones
    from TC, 44 tones
    56 tones
    56 tones
    56 tones, 3 pipes per tone

    Swell (II), C-g3
    Stopped Diapason Bass 8'
    Stopped Diapason Treble 8'
    Horn Diapason 8'
    Salicional 8'
    Principal 4'
    Piccolo 2'
    Oboe & Trumpet Bass 8'
    Trumpet Treble 8'
    Oboe 8'

    upper manual, 56 tones
    1-12, 12 tones
    from TC, 44 tones
    from TC, 44 tones
    from TC, 44 tones
    56 tones
    56 tones
    1-12, 12 tones
    from TC, 44 tones
    from TC, 44 tones

    Pedal, C-c1
    Grand Bourdon 16'

    pedal, 25 tones
    pine, stopped

    Swell to Great
    Great to Pedals
    Swell to Pedals

    Combination pedals
    forte Great (mechanical fixed combination)
    piano Great (dito)


    C c0 c1 f#2
    1 3/5 2 2 2/3 3 1/5
    1 1/3 1 3/5 2 2 2/3
    1 1 1/3 1 3/5 2


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