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Parafia rzymskokatolicka pw. bł. Anieli Salawy, Krakow (2015)

In 2014 Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw bought two major Flentrop organs of the Protestant Church in Amsterdam. The organ of the Woestduin Church (later named James Chapel) was recently sold to the Parafia rzymskokatolicka pw. bł. Anieli Salawy church in Krakow. The project's consultant is the famous Polish organ consultant/organist Daniel Prajzner.

In 1956 D.A. Flentrop built this 24-stop tracker-action organ for the Reformed Woestduin church in Amsterdam. The organ case design was made by the architects A. Meijer and J. H. van der Zee. W. Mennes, organist of the church, performed the inaugural concert.

Bellows were restored and the slider system featuring double springed sliders checked. The stop list is unaltered. April 7 started the re-assembly of the organ. After the re-assembly the voicing of the organ was checked and a general tuning was done. On April 17 the organ was collected by the church.

Pictures of the assembly:

Additional Info

  • Stoplist:
    Hoofdwerk, C-g3

    Quintadeen 16'
    Prestant 8'
    Roerfluit 8'
    Octaaf 4'
    Fluit 4'
    Vlakfluit 2'
    Sesquialter II 2/3'
    Mixtuur IV-V 1 1/3'
    Trompet 8'
    Borstwerk, C-g3

    Holpijp 8'
    Gemshoorn 8'
    Prestant 4'
    Spitsfluit 4'
    Octaaf 2'
    Quint 1 1/3'
    Scherp III 1'
    Dulciaan 8'
    Pedaal, C-f1

    Prestant 16'
    Bourdon 16'
    Octaaf 8'
    Gedekt 8'
    Woudfluit 4'
    Mixtuur IV 2 2/3'
    Fagot 16'


    Hoofdwerk - Borstwerk
    Pedaal - Hoofdwerk
    Pedaal - Borstwerk


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