Außernzell (1981/2022, 12/IIP)

1981 J.L. van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw built a new 12 stop (including one transmission) organ for the Bethel church of the Reformed Church in Bodegraven (NL). On December 10, this organ was inaugurated by the well-known organist Herman van Vliet, who was also involved as organ expert. The congregation grew and it was decided in 1996 to build a new church for which they purchased a larger (second-hand) organ. The Van den Heuvel organ was sold to the Reformed Congregation of Berkenwoude (NL). The Nijsse organ company relocated the organ, adjusting, among others, the voicing to his taste. But this church also became too small and the parish inaugurated a larger new-build church in 2021. Through the mediation of Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw, the organ was sold to the Maria Himmelfahrt Kirche in Außernzell, Germany.


After dismantling, the organ was overhauled. The bellows have been re-leathered, leather and felt parts in the action have been renewed, the pipework has been restored and the voicing has been revised. The transmission action was also been renewed. Two new stops have been placed: a Fagott 8' and a Sesquialter II, these replace the Dulciaan 8' and the Cornet. The organ case has been restored and primed. On location, the organ is painted in an oak imitation.

Assembly inthe church:

Additional Info

  • Location: Außernzell
  • Stoplist:

    Hauptwerk (I), C-g3
    Principal 8'
    Rohrflöte 8'
    Octave 4'
    Mixtur III-V 2'
    Sesquialter II (ab c1, 2022)
    Fagott 8' (2022)


    Nebenwerk (II), C-g3
    Hohlflöte 8'
    Rohrflöte 4'
    Nasard 2 2/3'
    Octave 2'


    Pedal, C-f1
    Subbass 16'
    Principal 8' (Hw)