House organ for sale (14/IIP)

The organ was built during the period 1987~1989 by Louis Huivenaar (the well known reed-organ restorer located at Dieren, NL) for the residence of the Schalkoort Family. Louis Huivenaar partly used parts of used and historical materials in this instrument. In 2013 the organ builder carried out technical maintenance. The owner offers his pipe organ for sale because he can no longer use the organ optimally in his new terraced house.

The organ case is made of mahogany. The shaped key-cheeks are made of coromandel wood. The key coverings are made from bird eye maple and ebony. The coupling operation takes place by moving the cheeks.

Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw was requested to find a suitable place for this organ. The organ is immediately available. The asking price of the owner is Euro 26,900. No VAT is payable on the purchase amount as the organ is sold by a private person! The costs for dismantling and transfer are at the expense of the buyer. If desired, Van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw can be of service to you.

Download the brochure for more detailed information.

For futher information:
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