Bakker & Timmenga organ (1904) for sale

Bakker & Timmenga organ (1904) for sale

The organ was designed and built for the Reformed Church of Wommels. In 1916 the organ was expanded with a Trumpet 8'. Maintenance was carried out by Bakker & Timmenga in 1951. The organ was restored in 1971 by organ builder Fonteijn & Gaal. The reformed church building has now been closed and sold.

The instrument was almost completely in its original condition. It can be described as a stylish and characteristic instrument of high quality. The sound is beautiful, robust and authentic. At the request of the church council, the organ was purchased by organ builder Van den Heuvel in Dordrecht. It was dismantled shortly afterwards and moved to Van den Heuvel's workshops. The organ there has recently been thoroughly restored.

The painting work on the organ case has not (yet) been carried out; these can be adapted to the buyer's specific wishes. This painting work, as well as the installation of the electricity and any further desired (structural) adjustments, can be carried out by the organ builder or under the buyer's own management. The original balustrade parts on the left and right of the organ case, and the heavy profile molding under the organ and the balustrades are available for processing at the new location!

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For futher information:
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T: +31 78 6179540