Pels organ (1964, 7/IIP)

1964 the organ building company Pels & Son from Alkmaar (NL) built this new organ for a chapel in Bergen, North-Holland. 2010 the organ was sold to the auditorium De Dorsvloer in Spijkenisse (NL). Organ builder Pels & Van Leeuwen worked in the organ and the stop list was changed (Mixture became Octaaf 2’) as well as the pipe scaling of the Prestant 4’ and Octaaf 2’ was made wider to the treble. In January 2011 followed the inaugural concert. The auditorium De Dorsvloer was sold recently and J.L. van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw received the order to find a suitable new room for this nice instrument. The organ is dismantled and stored in the organ builders storage in Dordrecht.

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