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The reputation of Van den Heuvel is established world-wide. The impressive 32’ organs in Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland are famous. But the Van den Heuvel organ designers, builders, voicers and tuners do not only consider the larger church and concert organs legitimate musical instruments: they plan, build restore and maintain smaller pipe organs with equal care. Small church organs, choir organs, practice organs and residence organs are an important part of their production too. Each pipe organ is custom built in order to meet the special demands of the customer. Each organ is a work of art with its own distinctive architectural harmony, technique and sound. The organ case designs are adapted as much as possible to the architecture of the building. There is regular collaboration with well-known architects and organ experts. Openness and, above all, thinking along with clients is very important to Van den Heuvel.

We cordially invite you to make an appointment with us. We can visit the location and advise you.

Jan & Peter van den Heuvel

Jan L. van den Heuvel-Organ Builders
Amstelwijckweg 44
NL-3316BB Dordrecht
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