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Bakker & Timmenga organ (1890, 17/IIP) for sale

In 1880 founded Fokke Bakker (1842-1904) and Arjen Timmenga (1854-1920) their organ building company in Leeuwarden (Netherlands). In the eighty years of their existence as a family business they have…

Organ Nieuwaal completed

May 30 the assembly works started in the church of Nieuwaal.

Fama & Raadgever organ (1984, 9/IIIP) for sale

In 1963 Jaap Fama (1934-2001) and Piet Raadgever (1935-2023) founded their organ and harpsicord company in Utrecht. Before they were employed by Van Vulpen. They started in the former organ…

Organ Nieuwaal in our assembly hal

The organ for Nieuwaal is ready in our assembly hall. The organ case was made in 1909 by Maarschalkerweerd & Son. The interior was renewed in 1967 by Willem van…

Pipework restoration Rijsoord completed

Organ builder C.G.F. Witte constructed the new organ in 1864. It was an organ with two manuals and a permanentely coupled pedal. The instrument was inaugurated on April 24, 1864 by…

Assembly organ Sneek

The church council of the Protestant Congregation in Sneek has developed a plan to make the Martinikerk future-proof and multifunctional with a renovation. In the design by architect Kijlstra-Brouwer from…

House organ for sale (14/IIP)

The organ was built during the period 1987~1989 by Louis Huivenaar (the well known reed-organ restorer located at Dieren, NL) for the residence of the Schalkoort Family. Louis Huivenaar partly…

G.A. Hazen organ (1986, 12/IIIP) for sale

The Saint-Fransiscus church is a Roman catholic parish in Breda (NL). The building was designed by architect S.F. Steeneken in a sober modernist style. The church building got another function…

Organ Außernzell completed

1981 J.L. van den Heuvel-Orgelbouw built a new 12 stop (including one transmission) organ for the Bethel church of the Reformed Church in Bodegraven (NL). On December 10, this organ…